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What Makes a Great Teammate?

Are you a team player? Or are you the co-worker, classmate, or teammate who no one wants to work with? Well, if you are, that’s not a problem, because becoming a team player isn’t quite as difficult as one might think. On the other hand, maybe you think you’re a good teammate, but there is always room to learn and improve. Now, you might ask: “Well, what makes a great teammate?” I talked with six current and former collegiate athletes and asked them this, as well as other questions about teammates. Here are their answers:

What Are the Characteristics of a Great Teammate?

"A great teammate is someone who is always there for their teammates on and off the field/workplace.

Someone who’s supporting them during their everyday struggles with workouts and life. On top of that a great teammate is someone who’s just an all around friend instead of just a coworker. A great teammate should recognize that their team is like another family."

Your Team Should be Like an Extended Family!

"Great teammates to me are always a positive influence. They’re great motivators, hard workers, and they are essentially the support system of the team.”

Be the Support System of Your Team!

"To me, a great teammate should have four characteristics/abilities:

1. The ability to trust in each other— being able to trust that your teammates will also put 100% into whatever sport they are playing.

2. Being able to bounce back from a loss— I personally hate watching people start blaming others for losing. Losing is part of playing a sport, and understanding that is critical.

3. Having a sense of humor— practicing for a sport takes both immense time and effort— being able to laugh while working out makes life a little easier.

4. Having a sense of dedication— being able to kick a soccer ball four hours a day for years takes dedication. Sitting on a rowing machine for two hours a day then running a few miles every day takes dedication. "

Laughter Makes Life Easier!

What Are Ways to Be a Great Teammate?

"You can be a great teammate by: building a personal relationship with each teammate, always being your team's biggest supporter, and understanding your teammates strengths and weaknesses. If you understand your team, that means you can then try to make their strengths shine while compensating for their weaknesses. When everyone on a team does that, you become an extremely difficult team to beat. Also, I believe that a good teammate should know their teammates goals and actively encourage the younger/less experienced players towards that goal."

Anthony Watkins Pictured (2nd From Left)

“I would say you have to trust your teammates and the work they’re doing, lift your teammates up and encourage them, and give your best to your team every single day.”

Allison in Action! (Third From Right)

Bob Moore, US Naval Academy '23

"I’d say a great teammate should have three H’s: Humble, Hungry, and Handle of the game. . .

1: If you’re not humble that means you’re not going to look out for anyone other than yourself.

2: As far as being hungry goes— if you want to be a good teammate then you have to want to win, which could mean you have to take your teammates starting spot. It can kind of be a paradox, but a good teammate does what it takes to win. In my opinion, you’re being a bad teammate if people don’t think you’d essentially do anything to take their starting spot.

3: Lastly, having a good handle of the game could alternatively be described as competence. For instance, Lebron James is a great playmaker and teammate so he makes everyone on the court better. If you have the ability to lead, then everyone around you will rise to the occasion."

Go Team!


I just shared how these six athletes describe a great teammate. What makes a great teammate for you? Tell us in the comments below! Feel free to share our tips and advice by hitting the share button and leaving a like!

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Richmond Coney
Richmond Coney

Hi Mark! I'm glad you enjoyed!!


Mark Budd
Mark Budd

Richmond- This is a great post because of how personable it was. Not only did you receive quotes from the athletes but you also did a great job explaining what the quotes meant. Also, the way your intro paragraph started off with questions was a great way to get the reader hooked.

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