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Dear Ringgold, You Can Do It!

Here we go boys!

After suffering their first loss in over a year Ringgold fans are rallying behind their home team. As support is pouring in from all sides and angles, I decided to compile some of the best messages from fans, parents, teammates, and classmates alike. All of Ringgold believes in this very special team, so it's important that this team still believes in each other! Here's what Tiger fans far and wide are saying—

From Their Former Teachers

The Playground Where It All Began

Many current players from Ringgold can recall playing at this very playground/field or a similar one in their elementary school days. For many of them, this is exactly where their passion for football began. Although I no longer play, I can still fondly recall playing football, tag, and various other games with my classmates during recess. For those players at Ringgold High though, the game has escalated and escalated and they're no longer playing a simple game of "touch football." What they're playing this Friday night is the real deal, and even their former teachers are giving them the go-ahead to play ball for real!

From The Fans

From The Parents & Families

From The Players


I just shared some messages from Ringgold supporters everywhere. Do you have a message of encouragement? Tell us in the comments below! Feel free to share our article by hitting the share button and leaving a like!

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Super proud of y’all!!!! Way to make Ringgold proud on and off the field! -Mrs. Meyer


So proud of my boys! Some I have taught as 2nd graders & all of you I have watched from the sidelines for the last 4 years! ~Ms. Couey (AKA Tiger Shots) 🐯📸

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