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Hi, I hope you've enjoyed my content on the Accolade! Are you interested in reading similar content from other blogs and websites? If you are, here are three of my recommendations:                                                      

sport sorority.png

The Sport Sorority is actually a community I recently discovered via Instagram. According to their website their main goal is: "to connect emerging women leaders to sport opportunities." While that is their primary goal, they have blog posts that are beneficial for everyone whether it be networking, or general advice. They always provide a unique insight and perspective that I enjoy!


The Players' Tribune is the perfect place to go if you'd like to hear stories about athletes, told by the actual athlete. The Players' Tribune was started by former MLB star Derek Jeter with the goal of telling first-person stories from figures in the sports world. As such, each post's content varies depending on the story the author would like to tell.


BLEACHER REPORT is probably the most well-known site on this list. I primarily consume their content via Instagram, and  on occasion I use their website to read an article or two. Their content highlight the latest news in the sports world, so the typical sports fan can always stay informed!

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